Laundry Ninjas are here to attack your daily chores and give you the gift of time! 

Feel like you are constantly putting on the washing machine?  Always treating stubborn stains? Hate Ironing? Want to spend Sunday afternoons with your family instead? Ninjas Assemble!

Drop us an email or call on 01424 319312 and we will come collect your dirty linen/clothes and return it to you promptly, clean, folded/ironed/hung (your preference!) and neatly packed.

Just returned from holiday with bundles of dirty clothes? We will sort it, one last holiday treat to yourself - fresh, clean laundry folded and hung and delivered to your door!

Moving house?  Don’t carry all that dirty laundry to your new home - give it to us! we would LOVE to collect all your dirty, dusty clothes and linen from your old home clean it with our sparkly high quality products and deliver back to you clean, crisp laundry ready to be put in your new cupboards and hung in your wardrobe nice and neatly for your new home. Mmm… fresh!

Injured and finding it difficult to manage? Our friendly Ninjas are happy to help!  Just give us a call 01424 319312 and quick as a flash we will come and collect the burden of washing/ ironing!

Support with Confidence

We are approved by Support with Confidence so you know you can trust our reliable Ninjas to ensure you receive the impeccable service you desire.

Want to come to Laundry Ninjas HQ? Our friendly team would love to meet you - feel free to drop in!

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